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How Should I Eat with Acute Kidney Failure

How Should I Eat with Acute Kidney FailureFor people with kidney disease including acute kidney failure, they are mostly suggested to follow a scientific diet. Sometimes, they may ask:" how should I eat with this disease?"

To be frank, how should they eat is determined by the specific illness condition. And some of the diet tips have been summarized as follows:

1. Limit fluid intake In oliguria stage, they should limit the intake of fluid strictly so as to prevent the occurrence of acute pulmonary edema or dilutional hyponatremia caused by fluid retention.

2. Low salt diet For those patients, they usually suffer from swelling, so they should restrict the sodium intake. In severe condition, the diet usually calls for eating salt-free foods.

3. Ingestion of potassium If there is high potassium level, they should eat less potassium-rich foods. Otherwise, irregular heart beat or heart arrest will occur. Usually, these foods can be found in banana, strawberry, grape, spinach, soybean and so on.

4. Avoid stimulating foods These foods usually include wine, coffee, hot pepper, etc.

5. Polyuria In this stage, urine volume increases, blood urea nitrogen decreases and appetite improves, so they can add nutrition to their diet. Additionally, the daily intake of water can be kept at 1000ml.

6. In recovery stage, the serum creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level will decrease gradually. In this condition, the ingestion of protein foods should be increased to meet the demand of the body.

If you happen to be a patient with acute kidney failure, we really hope you can benefit a lot about how should I eat with AKF. For personalized advice, please leave us message

Except for the above contents, acute kidney failure patients should realize that it may lead to chronic kidney failure under certain circumstances. So, effective treatments should be taken early. Good luck!

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