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Is Moringa Tea Safe to Drink If You Have Kidney Failure

Is Moringa Tea Safe to Drink If You Have Kidney FailureDrinking the Moringa tea on a regular basis can add to your health, while if you have Kidney Failure, you must make sure what you are taking is healthy and nutritious. Then, can Kidney Failure patients drink Moringa tea?

The benefits of Moringa tea for Kidney Failure patients

Moringa tea contains vitamin A and vitamin C

A benefit of Moringa tea is the fact that there is no caffeine in this drink. And it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. As kidney failure patients have a strict diet limitation, and they need to consume food or drinks with vitamin A and Vitamin C in order to provide nutritions and enhance immunity.

Moringa tea is a good source of calcium

As some studies show, Moringa leaves contain rich calcium. A healthy kidney can keep the electrolyte and acid-base balance. If kidneys cannot work properly, phosphorus level in the blood will increase easily. The more phosphorus in the blood, the lower calcium level. In this case, high phosphorus level can cause skin itching, bone pain and so on. What’s more, compared to milk, calcium in Moringa leaves tea is four time .

Moringa tea is full of iron.

Moringa tea contributes to preventing anemia, because it has a great amount of iron. Anemia is a common symptom in Kidney Failure. Regularly drinking Moringa tea can supply iron to meet your body need.

Other benefits

Moringa leaves have the function of anti-inflammatory.

Moringa tea helps to maintain blood sugar level and blood pressure within a normal range.

Moringa tea can enhance metabolic rate and improve function of liver and kidneys.

Although Moringa tea has many benefits, not all kidney failure patients can drink it freely. It has some side effects. For example, Moringa contains lots of protein and potassium, and kidney failure patients should have limited the intake of protein and potassium. So if you are a kidney failure patient, you’d better consult your doctor before drinking Moringa tea.

Above all, for kidney failure patients, Moringa tea does more good than harm. More information, you can leave a message below or contact with our online experts.

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