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Is Garlic Good For Kidney Failure patients

Is Garlic Good For Kidney Failure patientsPatients with kidney failure should be careful on what they eat, because diet have significant influence on heath. Garlic is a common food in life, and it can take many benefits to our health. We have heard many patients asking this question: is garlic good for patients with kidney failure?

What benefits does garlic can provide?

In fact, garlic can take many benefits to patients with kidney failure. Garlic contains abundant nutrients. There are much proteins in it, and the vitamins and microelements in garlic are abundant.

The most well-known effect of garlic may be that it can kill bacteria, which can help patients prevent infection. As we know, infection can aggravate patients’ condition severely, so this function of garlic is very helpful for patients to control their condition.

Garlic is very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. It can prevent the accumulation of fat in blood, and induce the metabolism of fat. It can also reduce the amount of cholesterol and inhibit the aggregation of blood platelet. By these functions and others, garlic can prevent thrombus and arteriosclerosis. Patients with kidney failure often have cardiovascular complications, and it is a major cause of death, and appropriate garlic intake is helpful in preventing this symptom. Besides, garlic can also prevent hypertension, because it can increase blood vessels’ divergence rate and permeability, which is beneficial to reduce patients’ hypertension. As we know, hypertension is a risk which can aggravate patients’ condition easily. Thereby, garlic can be very helpful to patients with kidney failure.

What’s more, garlic can also take many other benefits to our health. For example, it has the function of anti-aging, and it can protect the liver function. Besides it can also improve the metabolism of sugar. The most important function of garlic may be that it is the most valuable plant to prevent cancer.

What are the taboos of eating garlic?

On the other hand, too much garlic intake will affect the absorption of vitamin B, and it may also cause blepharitis. Besides, garlic is irritant, so patients with gastrointestinal complication should avoid taking it directly. On the other hand, patients who is taking medicine should also avoid eating garlic.

Thereby, patients with kidney failure should be careful. It can take many benefits to them, and it can be harmful sometimes. It is better for patients to take it under their doctors’ advice.

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