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Renal Failure Healthy Lifestyle

Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat Honeydew

When kidney disease is in late stage, since renal excretion and regulation function is abnormal, clinically there is oliguria or urine, and other phenomena, and this will cause some metabolic disorder,...[Read More]

Four Tips for Kidney Failure To Choose Fruits

Now it is summer and in this season, kidney failure need to be very strict on their diet. Kidney patients need to be careful in choosing fruits. There are some tips for patients to choose fruits. 1. Pe...[Read More]

Dietary Suggestion for Kidney Failure Patients During Dialysis

During the long time of dialysis, due to remaining toxins accumulation in your body, kidney patients will have bloated stomach, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and other digestive tract symptoms so pat...[Read More]

Eating Ice Cream Leads to Kidney Failure

Yes, eating ice cream leads to kidney failure. It is true. Mr. Zheng, comes form Quzhou, China, can not imagine that eating 54 ice creams in a day can lead to renal failure and almost kill him. Zheng l...[Read More]

Is It OK to Take Protein Supplement in Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure, also called Renal Failure occurs when at least 85 percent of renal function loses with Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) less than 15ml/min. Is it OK to take protein supplement in Kidney...[Read More]

What Food Can Help Fight Kidney Failure

Food or a healthy diet is to help patients reduce burden on kidneys, because proper food produce less wastes. However, no certain food can help treat Kidney Failure. I would like to list some dietary s...[Read More]

Is Banana Safe to Eat with Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Can patients with Stage 3 Kidney Failure patients eat banana? Since banana is one common fruit all over the world and chronic kidney failure is also one common kidney disorder, quite a number of patien...[Read More]

Food List for Kidney Failure with Creatinine 9.8

Kidney Failure is end stage of chronic kidney disease, and creatinine 9.8 is much higher than the normal. Patients must try to use some therapies to lower their high creatinine level. In addition to me...[Read More]

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