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Can High Creatinine Level Cause Kidney Failure

Usually, we say, kidney failure causes high creatinine level. Today, this article will talk whether the high creatinine level can cause kidney failure. Read on and find the answer now!

What can cause high creatinine level?

Many causes can induce elevated creatinine level and the common causes may include high meant intake, muscle destruction, rheumatoid arthritis, testosterone therapy etc. Some drugs may also cause High Creatinine Levels, such as ACEI, penicillins, aminoglycosides, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy and biological agents.

Can high creatinine level cause kidney failure?

Creatinine is the waste products of normal muscle activity which should be filtered out of the body by kidneys. This is why high creatinine level is an indication of Kidney Failure.

In contrary, when creatinine level is increased, it may also cause Kidney Disease, if there is no immediate control. When high creatinine level lasts, it tells that your body is soaked with high toxics. And emergency treatment may be required to cleanse the waste products, otherwise, your kidneys will have to work hard without no rest. As a result, your kidneys may be worn out and induces kidney damage. Normally, acute kidney failure is more often to see than chronic kidney failure in such a conditions.

What treatments are suggested to prevent high creatinine level causing kidney failure?

When high creatinine level increases, you are suggested to find the cause firstly.

If it is caused by the food abuse, please stop taking high creatinine foods. And if you are in a emergency conditions, your doctor may suggested different Blood Purification treatments to prevent kidney failure or other risks.

Blood purification is a medial way which helps cleanse the toxins in the blood in a short time, which helps deal with various emergency cases. The blood purification includes hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, hemofilteration, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption etc.

According to your medical condition, your doctor will help find the treatment which works for you. More information, please leave a message below.

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