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Prevent Chronic Renal Failure Causing Heart Failure

How to prevent heart failure happening in Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)? Heart failure, a life threatening factor, can be a common complication of Chronic Renal Failure. However, the proper measures can reduce the risk for heart failure, which are something Chronic Renal Failure patients need to know about.

1. In order to prevent heart failure, patients with Chronic Renal Failure should control their blood pressure effectively. In most cases, for patients with Renal Failure, their high blood pressure is mainly induced by the retention of water in body. If it is necessary, they should take some antihypertensive medicines to decrease their blood pressure. Usually, they should keep their blood pressure within 120~140 mmHg/ 70~80 mmHg.

2. The patients with Chronic Renal Failure should reduce the blood volume, especially for those without urine. Firstly, they should limit water intake. If the urine output is less than 1000 ml per day, they should limit their water intake within 200~300 ml and salt intake within 2~3 grams per day. If necessary, the patients should use diuretic so as to guarantee their urine output is more than 1000 ml.

3. Most Chronic Renal Failure patients will experience anemia, correcting anemia can help heart get sufficient oxygen. The severe anemia is likely to cause myocardial ischemia, which makes myocardial contractility decrease and heart failure. Patients with anemia should use hemopoietin to make the hemoglobin level within 110-120 grams/L.

4. Treating hyperkalemia and acidosis can help create a nice internal body environment. In addition, Chronic Renal Failure patients should take use cholesterol-lowering medicines to prevent myocardial blood vessels atherosclerosis.

However, the most efficient way to prevent Chronic Renal Failure causing heart failure is to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Now that the kidneys are damaged, it is natural to treat repairing kidney damage as the most important thing, not only relieving the symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure. In China, Chinese herbal medicines are used to help patients improve kidney function, which prevents heart failure and other complications effectively. However, the treatment effect varies from case to case. If you are interested in Chinese herbal medicines, you can freely consult online expert or leave us a message.

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