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Is Diet Important for Kidney Failure Patient

Is Diet Important for Kidney Failure PatientDiet is indeed very important for Kidney Failure patients. Even though it cannot repair damaged renal tissues, a kidney-friendly diet can help slow down the progression of renal function damage. Here are some suggestions. As for details, you can send your test report to us at, and our doctor can give you personalized advice.

Top five dietary principles for Kidney Failure patients

● Low protein. Recommended protein amount is 0.6-0.8 g per kg of body weight. And half of the protein intake should come from high-quality protein foods such as egg white, fish, milk and lean meat.

● Enough calories. Due to restricted protein intake, patients may have malnutrition and experience weight loss, fatigue, tiredness and sleepiness,etc. Therefore, they need take foods rich in calories but low in protein. Good examples are honey, taro cake, potato and pumpkin.

● Limit phosphorous. High phosphorous level in the blood may cause low calcium level and high PTH level, which can cause bone problems. High phosphorous food include nuts, seeds, dairy products, chocolate and energy drinks should be avoided.

● Limit potassium. If Kidney Failure patients have high potassium level, they may have abnormal hear rate, muscle weakness and shortness of breath. In some serious cases, they may have acidosis. Some foods are rich in potassium such as seafood, mushroom, banana, celery, artichoke, tomato, potato, and pumpkin, etc.

● Reduce sodium. Too much sodium intake will aggravate fluid-retention, causing swelling and high blood pressure. In general, Kidney Failure patients are suggested to take sodium with 2 to 3 grams each day.

The above suggestions are for general population. As for your own condition, you’d better consult our doctors online.One more thing, diet cannot be taken as replacement of medication. Proper and immediate treatment is the most important thing for Kidney Failure patient.

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