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Will Acute Kidney Failure Turn to Chronic Kidney Failure

Kidney failure has two types-- acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Without timely control, acute kidney failure is likely to develop into chronic kidney failure. Here is a case from Japan who’s wife under a similar conditions. And we make a rough analysis for her information.

There are high internal toxins in your wife’s body, according to the medical report that you send to us. Though the BUN and creatinine seem lower down gradually, but in the latest report. Her BUN and creatinine suddenly higher and this unstable situation reflect a case from ARF (acute renal failure ) change to CRF.

However, it is possible that it is just during the transition period of ARF to CRF, so your wife's condition can not be delay any more. If let it go on, when her condition transits to the chronic renal failure, it will be very difficult to treat.

low HCT, low MCV and MCH show that your wife has anemia and plus her low chlorid, high Calcium and Phosphorous,these are related to her Metabolic disorders. So, her internal environment need timely adjustment.

From the medical report, high Alkaline phosphatase and high GGT level reflects her liver function may be damaged to some degree. In addition, her high cholesterol and high Triglyceride are the common complications of renal failure. without effective control, the embolism is easily to bring into being.

It is clear that her present medicines did not stop her condition effectively. We afraid that her condition is going to Chronic Renal Failure. This case is much more difficult than ARF to reverse. The time is the key. And please try your best to help her grasp the best treatment time opportunity.

From this case, we can know that the answer to the question “will acute kidney failure turn into chronic kidney failure?” is yes. When you are diagnosed with acute kidney failure, please find the right treatment to remove the toxins in your blood timely. Various Blood Purification Techniques are available to achieve the goal. Once, you miss the best time for treatment, you will be more likely to develop a chronic Kidney Disease.

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