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How to Improve Kidney Function for Chronic Kidney Failure

How to Improve Kidney Function for Chronic Kidney Failure PatientsKidney is one main organ in human body, and it plays an important role. For example, it can generate the urine and discharge metabolites from the body. It can also regulate water and electrolyte balance and maintain acid and alkaline balance.Chronic Kidney Failure is one result of all kinds of kidney disease, leading to low kidney function. If not treated in time, it is likely to deteriorate into uremia. Then, how to improve renal function for chronic renal failure patients?

First, reasonable and healthy diet is the most basic and effective way to improve renal function. Then how to modify diet plan to improve renal function for patients with chronic renal failure? Our answer should based on patients’ illness condition, and we give out some general suggestions in below. (If you want to get personalized advices, you can consult our on-line doctors.)

1. Low- protein diet but with high quality protein. Limiting the protein intake can effectively interdict or slow down the process of renal failure. Renal failure patients should eat some nutritional value of high quality protein in moderation, such as eggs, lean meat, milk, fish, etc. Limit ingestion of vegetable protein.

2. Supply the enough heat. Enough heat can reduce the decomposition of protein in the body. Basically per kilogram of body weight 35 kilocalorie at least, mainly comes from sugar and fat, can eat appropriately some food with high heat, such as starch, potatoes and yams.

3. Absorb reasonable potassium, sodium, phosphate. If symptoms of edema and high blood pressure appear, it is necessary to limit ingestion of salt. In severe cases, patients should maintain the salt-free diet. If symptoms of hyperkalemia present, patients should also limit intake of potassium. Be careful when eating some food in high potassium. Such as bananas, leek, orange, black fungus and so on. If renal function declines, the blood phosphorus will tend to rise, then the renal function will decline further. So phosphorus restriction is beneficial to improve renal function.

4. Supply the vitamin. Vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D are beneficial to the body’s metabolism, so they can improve resistance.

Besides diets, treatment is also a necessary link. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has achieved good therapeutic effects in the treatment of chronic nephropathy. It can regulate patients’ internal environment, dilate blood vessels, improve blood and anoxia condition, repair damaged cells and improve renal function.

Patients with kidney failure can curb the development of the disease and improve renal function on diet, medical treatment and so on. Meanwhile, properly exercise and positive and optimistic mood are also driving force to improve renal function.

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