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Purpura Nephritis

  • Basics
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Diagnosis
  • Healthy Lifestyle
Purpura basics

In Kidney Service China specialized experts commit to research the causes of purpura nephritis in order to give a better treatment to release patients' suffering and give useful suggestion to prevent purpura nephritis.

The main causes of purpura nephritis include:

Purpura nephritis can be caused by allergic reactions which may be stimulated by many factors, such infections, some medicines, foods, pollen, feather, ice massage and so on.

The active immune reactions caused by many possible factors can form numerous immune complexes in blood vessels. The immune complexes would deposit in kidney tissues, which can arouse serious inflammations in kidneys. Patients may have proteinuria, hematuria or swelling etc. if the inflammation cannot be controlled timely, it may be liable to cause the indurations and thanatosis of glomeruli. Renal failure or ESRD might be coming finally.

Purpura nephritis risk factors

All that would increase your chance to get purpura nephritis is the risk factors. And if you can avoid the risk factors, it is possible to keep you away purpura nephritis. The risk factors include:

1. Infections. More than one third of purpura nephritis is aroused by the infection of the upper respiratory tract.

2. Some drugs including antibiotic, sulfanilamide etc may cause purpura nephritis.

3. Some foods also may become your risk factors, such as fish, shrimp or crab.

4. Other factors which contain icemassage, plant pollen, ovum, vaccine inoculation, feather, paint etc may the possible risk factors.

If you have been diagnosed with Purpura Nephritis, we're here to help. Call us: 86 or email us: (Monday through Sunday) to make an appointment. Or you can make a vedio consultation and get second opinion from live doctor!