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Treatment for Relapse of Purpura Nephritis in Children

Purpura Nephritis is a common secondary kidney disease in which children and teenagers are more common to be affected. Relapse is an annoying experience for the young sufferers and their parents. Adequate treatment helps make the disease controllable.

Why Childhood purpura nephritis easily relapses?

Purpura is an autoimmune disease. There exists a natural immune system in human body to fight against the bacteria from outside. In people who infects purpara virus, the immune system cannot function well enough to fight off these virus. As a result, the purpura-related virus build up in the body and damage the body healthy. As it exist in the blood, the virus can spread into any part, such as skin, blood vessels, kidneys, liver etc.

Due to the root cause of immune system disorder, any infection or cold (how to avoid infection or cold in Children, Contact us via bleeding may aggravate the underlying disease immune system and contribute to the relapse of purpura nephritis, especially in children who cannot take good care of themselves.

Treatment for relapse of purpura nephritis in Children

Treatment to prevent the relapse of purpura nephritis in children should aim at 2 goals.

- rebuild immune system and use the new immune system to fight against the purpura-related virus.

- eliminate the deposition of purpura-related virus in the blood and prevent its spread from the very beginning.

- repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions.

To fulfill these effects, 3 therapies are suggested respectively.

- Immunotherapy is applied into kidney disease within past 2 years. It has showed promising future for other immune-related disease, such as cancer, HIV etc. It helps rebuild a new healthy immune system.

- Plasma Exchange is one technique of Blood Purification. This is a specific therapy which can help filter the purpura-related virus out of the blood. It can alleviate the symptoms immediately and show rapid effects in slowing down the spread of the virus.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external natural application, which uses natural herbs and plants to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions.

If your or your child’s Purpura Nephritis relapsed, one or more of the mentioned above therapies may be suggested. Whether you can be a candidate of one of these therapies, it depends on your own conditions.

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