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Purpura Nephritis and CKD Stage 4 with GFR 17: How to Avoid Dialysis

Purpura Nephritis and CKD Stage 4 with GFR 17: How to Avoid DialysisHenoch-Schönlein purpura most commonly affects children aged 2-11 years. The kidneys may become involved within three months of onset in about 50% of older children and 25% of those under age two. Here, we would like to discuss what can an individual with Purpura Nephritis and CKD Stage 4 with gfr 17 do in order to avoid dialysis.

Typically, patients with less than 85% kidney function will be recommended for renal Dialysis, though the actual level of kidney function for recommendation may vary from patient to patient. Therefore, when the gfr/kidney function has declined to 17, it is critical time to take treatment as soon as possible.

With aims to avoid dialysis, Purpura Nephritis and CKD Stage 4 patient can follow strategies from two aspects as below:

1. Stop the further deterioration of kidney function.

Due to disordered immune system, large amounts of immune complexes get deposited in the glomerular mesangial cells of the kidneys. These substances will induce inflammatory response, resulting in kidney damage and decline of gfr level.

Patient should find a treatment with functions to suppress the excessive immune reaction, block the formation of immune complexes and clear up of these harmful substances out of the body. In this way, the damage to the kidneys can be inhibited and the decrease of kidney function will be stopped.

2. Restore the renal function and regulate the immune system.

If patient want to get rid of Purpura Nephritis without any relapse, he should take effective remedy to repair the damaged renal cells and tissue and maximally improve the kidney function. In addition, the therapy should help rebuild the whole immune system.

After the above two processes, Purpura Nephritis and CKD Stage 4 patients with GFR 17 can avoid dialysis successfully and live a normal, fulfilling life on their own kidneys. Here, Immunotherapy is recommended to help get the above curative effects. For more information, refer to: Immunotherapy.

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