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What Systems Do Patients With Purpura Nephritis Have

What Systems Do Patients With Purpura Nephritis HavePurpura nephritis is a disease which is caused by anaphylactoid purpura, which may be related to the autoimmune lesion. Patients with purpura nephritis can have many systems, and these include the symptoms caused by kidney lesions and the symptoms caused by other lesions.

Symptoms caused by kidney lesions:


Purpura is a allergic and hemorrhagic disease in blood capillary, so purpura nephritis patients often have hematuria, and it can be gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria. Gross hematuria is more likely to be seen in children with purpura nephritis, and that will be aggravated after they are infected or purpura attack.


Most patients will have moderate proteinuria. Patients’ proteinuria is not proportionable with their hematuria. The decrease of serum protein is more obvious than the decrease of protein in urine, and that may be because the protein in patients blood can leak out through patients’ digestive tract or by other ways.


Purpura nephritis patients often have mild hypertension, and patients who have severe hypertension often have terrible prognosis.


Minority patients may have edema, and that is relatively mild. Their edema is related to the protein loss and the blood vessels’ permeability change.

Symptoms caused by other lesions:

Purpura on skin

The most obvious symptom in patients with purpura nephritis may be their skin purpura, and this is often the first symptom in them. Patients’ skin purpura may be itchy, and it is speckle with bleeding.

Pain in joints

Patients with purpura nephritis often have pain and swelling in their joints, and that often appears in their big joints, like their knees, ankles, wrists and their finger joints.

Symptom in digestive system

About two thirds patients will have symptoms in their gastrointestinal system. They may have angina in their abdomen, and they often have nausea and vomit. What’s more, some patients may even have bleeding in their gastrointestinal tract.


Patients with purpura nephritis may also have other symptoms like headache, fever, etc. Some patients may also have bleeding in their nose or hemoptysis.

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