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When Do Bubbles In Urine Indicate Kidney Problem

When Do Bubbles In Urine Indicate Kidney ProblemSome people think bubbles in urine must indicate kidney problem. In fact, this is wrong. In addition to kidney disease, some other problems can also cause this symptom. Well when, when do bubbles in urine indicate kidney disease?

Firstly, the size of bubbles in urine can help detect the underlying cause.

Generally speaking, if bubbles in urine are large, have different sizes and last for short time, it indicates there are some organic substances and inorganic substances in the urine. This is usually normal condition, but patients should pay attention to diabetes.

If a lot of small bubbles appear in the urine and last for long time, it is more likely to mean proteinuria. In this condition, people are suggested to do urine test. Proteinuria is one early indicator of kidney disease. Along with proteinuria, high blood pressure, swelling, painful urination, frequent urination, hematuria, and so on, are also common signs of kidney disease.

What conditions can cause bubbles in urine?

Kidney disease is one leading cause of bubbles in urine, because damaged kidneys cause protein to leak into urine. If uncontrolled effectively, protein leakage will cause further damage to kidney filtering system and worsen patients' illness condition.

Additionally, bubbles in urine may also be caused by the following conditions.

- Pregnancy

- Rapid or urgent urination

- Mild dehydration

- Urinary tract infections

- Diabetes

From the above analysis, we can know bubbles in urine in some cases are dangerous, but they in some other cases are normal. If you happen to find bubbles in your urine, you should pay highly attention to it. Early diagnosis can prevent worse problems effectively, if it is caused by some dangerous problems such as kidney disease and diabetes.

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