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Home Remedy for Protein in Urine

Home Remedy for Protein in UrineProtein in urine or foamy urine is one typical symptom of kidney disease. If untreated effectively, proteinuria can accelerate the progression of kidney disease. To reduce protein in urine, some home remedies are helpful.

1. Monitor patients’ blood pressure

A large amount of protein leakage can cause hypoproteinemia, resulting in decline of blood volume and hyponatremia. Both of these two problems can cause postural hypotension, so patients with proteinuria had better pay attention to their physical activity and monitor their blood pressure carefully.

2. Diet nursing

The amount of protein supplement should depend on patients’ kidney function level. General speaking, protein leakage through urine leads to the loss of protein and the decrease of plasma protein. Therefore, if patients’ kidney function level is still good, they can increase their high-quality protein intake to some extent. If kidneys have been damaged severely, patients should follow a low-protein diet plan.

3. Regular test for protein in urine

It is better for patients who have proteinuria to do two times of urinalysis, one time urine specific gravity and one time 24-hour urine protein. Then, patients can find the change of their proteinuria and kidney condition timely, so as to take prompt management.

4. The explanation of patients’ illness condition

Doctors should tell the cause and nursing methods of proteinuria for their patients in detail, so patients can have an overall understanding about their illness condition and know how to improve their health condition timely. Most often, patients with proteinuria should have more rest and try to reduce the burden on kidneys.

5. Avoid complications

Cold, fever and infections all can lead to the onset of proteinuria complications so that these problems can worsen patients’ illness condition. In view of this, it is very important to keep a good personal hygiene.

Correct home remedies indeed can help manage patients’ proteinuria, but they are unable to replace medicines and medical therapies. Therefore, patients should also take some medications or systemic treatments as doctors guide.

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