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How Severe Is Proteinuria

How Severe Is ProteinuriaProteinuria is a common symptom in patients with kidney disease, which means protein that should be kept in blood filters out through urine, and this is a indication of kidney damage. As we know, protein is an important nutrient to our body. Thereby, how severe is proteinuria on earth?

What are the symptoms of proteinuria?

Patients will have different symptoms if they have different degrees’proteinuria. For patients with mild proteinuria, they may not have obvious symptoms, and their proteinuria can be found only by lab tests.

For patients with severe proteinuria, a common symptom in them is edema, and it is more likely to firstly appear in patient’s lower legs. Besides, patients with severe proteinuria often have bubbles in their urine.

How severe is proteinuria?

Proteinuria can cause dangerous result to kidney disease patient.

Protein is an important nutrient to our body. For patient with severe proteinuria, his immunity will be damaged, so patient is easy to get infected. As we know, patient with kidney disease should prevent infection, because that can aggravate patient’s condition easily.

Besides, proteinuria can also aggravate patient’s kidney damage directly. Proteinuria means the filtration membrane is damaged, so lots of protein leaks out of blood. While that can cause the accumulation of protein in mesangium, which can cause more glomeruli to be damaged. Besides, the increase of leaked protein will also increase the burden of kidney tubule, and that will also cause the damage in kidney tubule.

Will the severity caused by proteinuria increase as patient has more proteinuria?

Many people may think that the more proteinuria patient has, the severer patient’s condition is. In fact, this is true in most cases, but this is not very exact, because for patients who have minimal change disease or mild mesangial proliferous nephritis, they will have large amount of proteinuria, but their condition is not very severe.

Thereby, patient should take measures according to his condition if he is facing with this problem.

In the end, if you have any problem in dealing with this condition, you are welcome to contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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