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Protein in Urine and Kidney Disease

Protein in Urine and Kidney DiseaseProteinuria refers to Protein in Urine. Generally, it can be regarded as an early sign of Kidney Disease. Kidneys work as blood-cleaners, they work effectively to remove excessive water and waste products from your blood and make urine, meanwhile, they can prevent the loss of useful substances, like protein. Proteinuria usually occurs when protein leak into your urine.

Accompanied with the filtration function of glomerular and reabsorption of renal tubular, there is usually a small amount of protein in urine (less than 150 mg/d), it shows negative in routine urine test. When there is a rapid increase of protein and the content of protein in urine is higher than 3.5 g/d, we call it massive proteinuria. And it show positive in routine urine test.

When it is not controlled, the accumulated protein in your urine may lead to more kidney damage. As time went by, patients may develop into Kidney Failure. In this case, patients are usually recommended to accept Dialysis or Kidney Transplant.

How to control protein in urine and kidney disease

1. You need to find out the relation between proteinuria and Kidney Disease. With the help of GFR test or 24-hour urine test, they can help your doctors to judge the condition of your kidneys.

2. Take some drugs to protect your kidneys. Medications like ACE inhibitors and ARBs can be effective in protecting your kidneys.

3. Form a healthy eating habit. Limit the excessive intake of salt and fat in your daily diet and get proper exercises everyday.

Besides, at our Kidney Service China, we provide patients with a advanced therapy. The Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help to repair damaged kidney and improve kidney functions. It is designed as a external application. All the herbal medicines are natural medicine and of no side effect is the most distinctive feature of this therapy.

When kidneys are repaired, they can work normally and maintain protein in blood. However, the condition of illness are different from individuals, each patient should find the treatment that suited his own condition. If you want to learn more about Proteinuria and Kidney Disease and get authoritative advices from our experts, you email us at

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