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Protein in Urine and GFR 28: What Herbs are Good for This

Protein in Urine and GFR 28: What Herbs are Good for ThisA person with GFR 28 is at Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. In this advanced stage of renal disease, kidney function has been severely damaged, and excess proteins will get leaked into urine, resulting in protein in urine. What herbs are good for this condition?

The use of herbal remedies for treatment of kidney ailments dates to ancient times. Those interested in relieving protein in urine and improve gfr 28 have a wide variety of natural herbs from which to choose. Before taking herbs to help treat your Chronic Kidney Disease, talk with your doctor about best choice and proper dosage.

Herbs for protein in urine and gfr 28

Cistanche. Cistanche is a unique Chinese herb that is used to promote good kidney health and relieve complications. With improved kidney function, the excretion of protein will be reduced.

Cordyceps. It is commonly called Chinese caterpillar or vegetable caterpillar. Scientific study has shown that cordyceps sinensis can help improve kidney function in patients with CKD and decrease the levels of protein in urine, serum creatinine and BUN.

Ginseng. The popular Chinese herb ginseng has overall health benefits for the body. Active ingredients of ginseng help support kidney function/gfr and decrease certain toxic substances in the body, including creatinine.

Astragalus. It is a natural herbal remedy that may beneficial for the kidneys. The root of the plant is used medicinally to help treat numerous problems, including kidney disease.

The above is just a general introduction about herbs that are good for protein in urine and gfr 28. For more information, please Email us at Take care!

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