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I Have Foamy Urine, Do I Have Kidney Disease

I Have Foamy Urine, Do I Have Kidney DiseaseFoamy urine or Proteinuria refers to there are excessive protein in your urine. It is a common indication of kidney disease, but not all foamy urine tells your kidney are affected.

When you find foam in urine, you should take consideration if you have the following situations.

If you have a large amount of high protein food at a time, it can lead to temporary proteinuria. This is a normal case so you do not need to worry about it. If you change your diet, the foam in urine will disappear.

If you have intense exercises or keep the same gesture for a long time like standing too long, you may find foam in urine. If you rest for a while, the foam will disappear.

Urinary tract infection, colds and high fever can lead to proteinuria and you. If these diseases can be treated well, the foam protein in urine will disappear so the foam will disappear afterwards.

If you feel urgent to urinate, but you delay it. You will urinate very fast in a short time so it can lead to foam in toilet. However, the foam will disappear in a very soon less than 30 minutes.

If the above cases of foam in urine are excluded, the foam in urine is very likely to be caused by Kidney Disease. In this case, you need to take further tests to get confirmed diagnosis of Kidney Disease.

In Kidney Disease, as the renal filters glomeruli are impaired, the permeability of filtration membrane increases and the glomerular barrier functions decline. As a result, the protein will leak into urine and you will find foam in urine. In this case, the foam in urine can last for a long time. Moreover, foam in urine for the patients with Kidney Disease is often accompanied by other symptoms like edema, hemeturia, high blood pressure and so on. These symptoms are also helpful in the diagnosis of Kidney Disease.

To make a final diagnosis, you are suggested to take Kidney Disease Tests, such as Blood Test, Urine Test and Kidney Damage Test, as well as Blood Toxins Test, etc.

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