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Kidney Disease: Treatment for Protein in Urine

Protein in urine, or Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease. Read on and find the treatment and manage for protein in urine.

In normal case, there is only a small amount of protein in urine(less than 150 mg/per day) and the protein qualitative test is negative. However, in Kidney Disease, if the kidneys are damaged, they will not be able to prevent the protein leakage thus resulting in protein in urine.

Protein function

Proteins are essential nutrients for human body and important components of body tissues as well as keep immune system function normally etc. If the protein level in blood declines the normal, it will cause a series of problems such as weak immunity, frequent infections, malnutrition etc. These problems will certainly speed up the progression of Kidney Disease.

What causes protein in urine in kidney disease patient?

The healthy kidneys are responsible for filtering blood and discharging the metabolic products from body. However, in Kidney Disease, the glomeruli (filters) in kidneys are damaged and lose their normal barrier function. As a result, the proteins will pass through the glomerular filtration membrane and leak into urine.

How to eliminate protein in urine for people with Kidney Disease?

Usually, the doctors will prescribe some hormone and immunosuppressive agents to suppress the inflammatory reaction. Therefore, it can control the protein in urine temporarily. However, it will relapse very frequently.

The above are only assistant methods in eliminating protein in urine. As protein in urine is attributable to the impairment of glomeruli in kidneys, restoring impaired glomeruli is the first step in removing the proteins.

The patients should limit the protein consumption and avoid eating foods rich in proteins. Meanwhile, they should increase proportion of high quality protein properly like fish, lean meat etc.

If you happen to be a person with Kidney Disease and suffer from Proteinuria, you can leave a message below. We are glad to help you!

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