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Latest Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease, in fact, is kind of renal tubule epithelial cells disorder. When epithelial cell of renal tubule is damaged, it can secret fluid, but can not discharge out of body normally. Then, the fluid deposits in renal tubule locally, more and more, finally forms small water sac which is absolutely called as the cyst in medical words.

PKD refers to the condition of countless cysts in kidney. With time passing and age growing, more and more cysts appear and the size also become bigger and bigger. As a result, kidney function becomes weak, and finally fails to end stage finally. This is a rough progression of PKD.

Therefore, if we want to shrink the cyst and improve kidney function, we need to start from the root, that is to repair damaged renal tubule epithelial cells.

On one hand, we need to increase the permeability of renal tubule epithelial cells in order to increase the absorption of the inner fluid, and then the fluid can discharge out of body with urine. After some period treatment in hospital, the most direct effect is increasing Protein in Urine.

Why proteinuria occurs? The cyst fluid has high tension than urine, so when cyst fluid is discharged with urine, it will form more foam, but if patient have urine test, no protein is found. At the same time, cyst inner pressure also decreases. At the same time, the pressure from cyst to renal parenchyma decreases. At this moment, kidney function can also get some improvement to some degree.

On the other hand, we need to inhibit the activity of renal tubule epithelial cells so as to stop it secreting more cyst fluid. This can stop further cyst enlargement and further progression of the disease. Besides, damaged kidney function can be repaired by activating blood circulation, removing stasis as well as repair-ment. By the way, we can get a relative satisfied and prospective treatment effect.

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