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Immunotherapy Slows Down the Kidney Cysts in PKD Patients

Q: I get Polycystic Kidney Disease from my father. I am 18 years old, I have mild hypertension and I m taking lisonopril2.5 mg. However, I think the medicine I am taking now have no effects to control my cysts on kidneys. Is there any new treatment which help my condition? how to slowdown the growth of cysts in my kidneys? My largest cysts is about 10cm already.

A: Thanks for your inquiry. Here are some information that I think will be helpful for you.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

PKD is a congenital disease and patients have carried cystic genes since their birth, however not all people will suffer from this disease. The main difference is their inherent immune system get damaged and their immunity is quite week. When there is any infection, these cystic genes can show hyperplasia, moreover, cystic lining cells can secrete liquid, so cysts like like balloons, enlarging step by step. When they enlarged to a certain degree, they will press normal kidney tissue and cause inflammation over there. That is why kidney can fail to work at last.


Therefore, the key point for PKD is to stop the enlargement of cysts and protect renal function. This can be achieved now by immunotherapy which is a comprehensive treatment not only for cysts but also for the whole immune system, it includes below aspects:

1. this treatment can improve immunity and remove those inducement factor.

2. it can increase the permeability of cystic wall, rev up the discharge of cystic liquid.

3. it can restrain the secretion of cystic liquid, so cysts will not enlarge further.

4. remove immune complex in blood and kidney, so no more inflammation will happen in kidney.

This treatment is not surgery but conservative treatment, the active ingredients can penetrate into kidney through special acupoints in waist area. Usually, patient need take treatment for 3weeks in hospital.

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