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Solutions for PKD: Surgery, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Conservative Treatment

Q: I'm the right person whom has PKD. I am affected this PKD gene from my father. Please send me the current details and solution for it.

A: PKD is a genetic disease, that is when the immune network is not strong enough, people with PKD genes can suffer from cysts more likely than other people. Cysts can enlarge over time with the hyperplasia of cystic lining cells and production of cystic liquid.

Enlarged cysts can press kidney, so blood supply in kidney can become insufficient and renal cells become withered. Consequently, renal functions decline, that is why patients have toxins increase, high blood pressure, fatigue, water retention, anemia, low appetite, headache, pale face and other discomforts.

Now there are mainly two solutions for PKD. Firstly, surgery, Dialysis and then Kidney Transplant; Second option, conservative treatment given to restrain the cysts growth and protect renal function as much as possible.

Your can take any one, the first one, can take in your local center, whole you may need go to dialysis center 2-3times per week, when Polycystic Kidney Disease develops into Kidney Failure, and find donor in future days;

the second one, namely, conservative treatment is to clean the internal condition and protect your remaining renal function. By this, you can lead normal life and does not require suffer big operation.

Which treatment is your choice? It depends on your own conditions. If you have not find the personalized treatment by far, share your detailed medical conditon with us. And we are glad to find the duidance for you.

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