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PKD With Enlarged Kidney Size 16 cm and 19 cm

PKD With Enlarged Kidney Size 16 cm and 19 cmAs its name indicates, Polycystic Kidney Disease can cause numerous fluid-filled cysts to develop in mostly two kidneys. With the growth of these cysts, they will expand kidney structure abnormally. Kidney size 16 cm and 19 cm are much larger than the normal size. What should patients do?

The healthy kidneys

Kidneys are comprised of blood capillaries. Normally, blood vessels can provide enough blood and oxygen for inherent kidney cells. At the same time, kidneys can filter 90~125 ml/min/1.73m2 of blood. For healthy adults, their kidneys are 3-4 cm in thickness, 5-6 cm in width and 10-12 cm in length. The correct link between kidneys and blood circulation can guarantee the stable internal environment.

How does Polycystic Kidney Disease affect kidney size?

We have mentioned above that PKD is characterized by kidney cysts. As time goes on, PKD kidney cysts become bigger and bigger, and kidney size expands gradually. 16cm and 19cm are both quite larger than the length of kidneys. That is to say, a large part of kidney functioning tissues have been attacked.

How to shrink kidney size and treat PKD?

There are two important aspects to treat PKD and normalize kidney size. They are shrinking kidney cysts and altering renal anoxia and ischemia condition. To achieve these two goals, we recommend the following treatments.

On one hand, some Chinese medicines which can drain sac fluid and inhibit the secretion of sac fluid are needed. Therefore, patients’ kidney cysts can become smaller and smaller. On the other hand, Herbal Medicine which can expand blood vessels all over the body as well as kidneys and increase the blood flow into kidneys are taken to recover impaired kidneys. Then, kidney size can become small gradually.

If you are also suffering from enlarged kidney size caused by PKD, you can email the size of kidneys and complications to or in the form below. Kidney experts here can give you more suggestions in detail.

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