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Chinese Herbs for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Compared with western biomedical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine views the human body as a holistic system of functions. In the treatment for PKD, Chinese herbs provides a very different perspective.


In the view of TCM, kidneys work as regulating the function of water in the body. All the functions of growth, libido, fertility and bones are tied to kidney ability. When kidneys are chronically stressed there is a corresponding rise in signs that the body is aging more quickly. It can present with grey hair, ringing in the ears, frequent urination and increased anxiety etc.

As for PKD, it is a structural problems of kidneys from birth, in the view of TCM. Patients with PKD are aging faster than they should. The aging process happens in all people, it just happens more quickly and can accelerate more quickly in the PKD patient.

The treatment of the PKD patient comes down to slowing the progression of the energy deficiency spiral that speeds the process of aging. Some specific herbs are able to achieve this goal. And the formula for PKD has been passed from generation to generation, which still can be found in the hospitals in China.

Chinese Herbs for PKD

Seek out a qualified acupuncturist and herbalist to help you find the personal treatment on your own PKD conditions, if you have interests on TCM. Here are some common herbs useful for this genetic kidney disorder.


Bilberry has been used historically as a treatment for fevers, coughs, renal stones, Kidney Cyst and urinary tract infections intestinal and liver disorders, hemorrhoids, and infections of the skin and mucus membranes.


Chamomile should not be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Chamomile contains coumarin, a naturally-occurring compound with anticoagulant or blood-thinning effects. It is used in PKD treatment for it helps alleviate symptoms.


Garlic is known to lower blood pressure in PKD. Garlic while wonderful to assist in lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, it maybe best to stop this two weeks before surgery due to its blood thinning qualities.

Besides these herbs, some others help repair the damaged kidney tissues and shrink the Kidney Cysts naturally. Any help, please feel free to consult

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