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New Chinese Medicine for Polycystic Kidney Disease with 7cm Cyst

Q: My wife and I have PKD. My wife has only 1 polycystic and the size is about 7 cm in diameter. I have in one kidney 2 cysts, one of 5 cm diameter and another one of 3 cm diameter. In my other kidney I have only one of 3 cm diameter. Can my wife and I treated with the new Chinese method? When can we get this treatment. Do you know is it covered my Medicare and other insurance? How long is this treatment?

A: Chinese Medicine has very good effect on cystic kidney disease. Last month, we have a patient from Philippine whose larger cyst has reduced 1.6cm in 15 days treatment in hospital. If this external application method can be cooperated with another oral Chinese Medicine, the treatment effect will be better. But whether you and your wife can take this kind of oral Chinese Medicine still depends on the results of expert consultation. Oral medicine intake should be more strict than external application medicine.

How long the treatment will last depends on the individual body condition. If you and your wife can have a better treatment effect, the period will be shorter. Normally, we suggest about 30 days treatment in hospital for foreign patients because it is not easy for foreign patients come to our hospital repeatedly after a long trip and we must make foreign patients can get the best treatment effect we can offer. A longer treatment time in hospital is helpful for our doctors and experts to observe the body reaction to the treatment and adjust the prescription in time.

Presently, you and your wife are still in a relative good healthy condition, but the cyst in your wife kidney is obviously big. If she do not want surgery, Chinese Medicine is a good choice for her. Besides, I suggest you send us the medical reports of you and your wife. It will be better if there is a medicine history. This is helpful for our experts to have a better idea about your body condition and then we can offer a rough treatment schedule for you and your wife. If you still need other kind of information, please leave a message or email to

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