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Can Cysts In PKD Patients Be Gotten Rid Of Permanently

Can Cysts In PKD Patients Be Gotten Rid Of Permanently  Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a big trouble for patient with kidney disease, because kidney cysts in PKD patients’ kidney will grow gradually, and they can damage patient’s kidney function in this process. What’s more, about half patients’ PKD will progress into kidney failure.

Because PKD can cause big problem to patient’s health, patients with PKD may have this curiosity: can cysts in their kidney be gotten rid of permanently?

Can kidney cysts be gotten rid of?

In western medicine, kidney cysts will be left alone if they are smaller than 4 cm, because they can not cause any severe damage to patient’s kidneys. But when patient’s kidney cysts can cause severe damage to patient’s heath, surgeries like puncture and renal cyst decortication will be used to relieve patient’s condition.

In fact, both puncture and renal cyst decortication can get rid of the cysts in patient’s kidney, but the effect is temporary.

The cysts shrunk by puncture will relapse soon. While renal cyst decortication has low relapse rate in remove kidney cysts, but because there are countless cysts in patient’s kidneys, and the smaller cysts can grow faster if the big cysts are removed, and surgery can cause obvious harm to patient’s body.

Thereby, kidney cyst can be gotten rid of by western medicine, but its effect is temporary.

Can kidney cyst be gotten rid of permanently?

As we already know, there is no very effective method to get rid of kidney cysts in western medicine.

In fact, comparing with western medicine, Chinese medicine is more effective in removing patient’s kidney cysts.

Some Chinese medicines can inactivate the epithelial cells of kidney cysts, which can stop the secretion of cyst fluid. By using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the medicines ingredients can be transported into the diseased area directly, and this therapy also has the function of expanding the blood vessels in kidney, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, degrading extracellular matrix, which can make a well internal environment for the treatment of kidney disease. Besides, some Chinese medicines have the effect of increasing the permeability of cyst wall, and under the effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the cyst fluid can be absorbed by the blood vessels in cyst wall, which can shrink kidney cyst naturally, and avoid its relapse. And the treatment can be taken if patient needs.

Thereby, if patient has PKD, Chinese medicine can be a good choice for them to control their condition.

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