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What Is The Treatment For PKD Patient With Gout

What Is The Treatment For PKD Patient With Gout  For patients with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a common symptom in their body is joint pain, which is very likely to be caused by gout.

Gout in PKD is due to the massive accumulation of uric acid, which can form urate crystal and that will accumulate in patient’s joints, that is a major reason why patient with PKD often have joint pain.

Why does patient with PKD have gout?

There will be countless cysts in patient’s kidneys, and they will grow bigger and bigger, which will damage patient’s kidney structure in this process, and that will cause patient’s kidney function to go down.

Uric acid is a metabolic product which should be filtrated out by our kidneys, so if patient’s kidney function is damaged by PKD, and when patient’s kidney function has decreased to a certain degree, the excess uric acid will accumulate in patient’s body and lead to high uric acid.

How can gout in PKD be treated?

To treat gout in patient with PKD, patient needs to take measures in two aspects. One is reducing the producing of uric acid, and the other is increasing its excretion by improving patient’s kidney function.

To reduce the producing of uric acid, patient should avoid taking foods that contain much purine, and patient will need to avoid talking much meat, because it is the main source of uric acid.On the other hand, the root cause of high uric acid is the decrease of patient’s kidney function, so to solve this problem, it is necessary to repair patient’s kidney damage and improve patient’s kidney function. To reach this purpose, Chinese medicine is recommended, because it can treat patient’s disease systemically and has obvious effect in promoting patient’s self-repairing ability. But western medicine is also needed in this process, because it is good at controlling patient’s condition, which is the shortage of Chinese medicine.

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