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Natural Remedies for Enlarged Kidneys due to PKD

Natural Remedies for Enlarged Kidneys due to PKDPKD cysts can profoundly enlarge the kidneys while replacing much of the normal structure, causing decline of renal function and resulting in Kidney Failure. So, early treatment is necessary to prevent the disease's progression. What are natural remedies for enlarged kidneys due to Polycystic Kidney Disease? You can chat with our online doctor for more professional advice!

1. Renal diet - the best natural treatment for PKD

Following a correct diet can help control the symptoms and keep the kidneys healthy for longer. Patients can delay the need for Dialysis until late fifties or even avoid it completely.

Drinking water and eat a diet low in protein and sodium. For more information, please check this article 'Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet'

2. Herbs

Some herbs can help to relieve some symptoms of the disease. The herbs include the following:

Dandelion root - help the kidneys excrete wastes; cranberry - helps to acidify urine; celery and parsley - decrease uric acid; hydrangea and uva ursi - cleanse the urinary tract; buchu and barberry - improve immune function when drunk as a tea and prevent inflammation in the kidneys.

3. Herbal remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine

This treatment is a kind of natural remedy. Abstracted from Chinese herbs, there is no side effect. It is not surgery, not orally taking medicine, but external application method.

Effective substances can slow down or even stop the growth of PKD cysts, shrink both big and small cysts gradually in size, repair the damaged renal cells and tissues, and improve overall kidney function.

If you would like to know more detailed information about natural remedies for enlarged kidneys due to PKD, please email us at or leave a message in the below. Thanks for your time!

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