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PKD and Pain in the Flank Area

During the early stages of Polycystic Kidney Disease, there are often no symptoms. Most symptoms appear in middle age. Pain in the flank area is a characteristic symptom of PKD. How does it occur? What are the available treatments?

PKD is an inherited disease in which fluid filled cavities ranging from microscopic to larger sizes upto 10 to 15cm occur in the kidneys, causing the kidneys to enlarge. The significance of cyst stuffed kidney could reach 20-30 pounds. These cysts will suppress healthy tissues, causing symptom of pain in the flank area.

In addition, other causes of flank pain in PKD may also include cyst rupture, development of kidney stones, and urinary tract obstructions and so on.

Treatment options

* Painkillers. These medicines can help some patients relieve the pain in certain degree. But relying solely on them is certainly not the best solution.

* Dietary changes. Avoid excess intake of beet, spinach, okra, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, coconut, cauliflower, turnips and carrot. Limit or avoid intake of tea and coffee.

* Herbal teas or infusions that contain herbs with diuretic properties. These herbs include goldenrod, bearberry, gravel root, oak bark, couch grass, etc.

* Chinese herbal remedy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is a kind of external application. It can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation on the cysts walls and gradually shrink the cysts in size. Pain in the flank area will get relieved after the cysts' pressure on the around renal tissues is lowered.

On a concluding note, pain in the flank area of PKD should be diagnosed and treated early so as to pave the way for a quick recovery. If you still have any question about kidney disease, feel free to leave a message in the below or email us at Best wishes!
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