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PKD Stage 3, 45 Years Old, GFR 59

Q: I am 45 yrs old, and recently diagnosed. I have Stage 3 PKD, with a GFR of 59. My blood test results are normal and the only problem I have is high blood pressure. I am not overweight, and do not have diabetes.

A: Thanks for your inquiry. Here is my suggestions and hope they are helpful for you.

Firstly, I want to tell you the kidneys basis functions.

Kidney has functions as below:

1. adjust blood pressure.

2. produce steroids and EPO.

3. discharge toxins and excess water.

4. balance electrolyte and pH.

PKD is progressive and the most dangerous factor is enlarged cysts press kidney, so kidneys original function get declined. That is why many patients would suffer from hardly-controlled HBP, anemia, low appetite, bone pain, elevated creatinine, BUN and HBP, RCY, PTH etc. While kidney has quite good compensation ability, though part of renal function lost at the very beginning, still patients do not have obvious discomforts, usually patients begin to suffer from obvious discomforts after 35years old.

For PKD, the most effective and acceptable way is to stop the enlargement of cysts and protect residual renal function. Therefore, it is quite necessary to take early measures to restrain the hyperplasia of cystic lining cells and reduce the production of cystic liquid. In clinical treatment, we give immunotherapy, this includes systematic medical Tests, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath, Foot Bath, enema, Acupuncture and Massage, blood purification technology etc.

These are some simple and rough information about Polycystic Kidney Disease, if you need further analysis, please send you detailed medical information to me. My contact email is

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