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High Creatinine Level And Polycystic Kidney Disease

In people with polycystic kidney disease, there are many cysts rooting in the surface or inside the kidney tissues. And high creatinine level which indicates kidney damage usually is a common symptom in people with polycystic kidney disease.

Why creatinine level elevates in PKD patients?

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic kidney problem in which kidneys are around by numerous fluid-filled sacs. With the age goes, the cysts will enlarge gradually in both size and number. Over years, the cysts will suppress the nearby kidney tissues and cause inflammation. This will cause more and more glomeruli affected, leading to kidney function decline.

Kidneys are important organs to remove the waste products in the blood and creatinine is the useless materials which are produced by muscular activity. And it should be removed by kidneys, when they can work well. However, in patients with PKD, their kidneys fail to function enough and contribute to the creatinine building up. This is why high creatinine level occurs in polycystic kidney disease.

How to lower down high creatinine level in PKD patient?

As mentioned above, we can find the key why creatinine level elevates, namely, the kidney function decline. Thereby, to lower down high creatinine level, improving kidney function becomes fatal.

Chinese Herbal Medicine uses specific herbs which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, based on your personal condition. When kidneys can function better, they will help remove creatinine naturally from the blood.

In addition, we have to notice that the kidney function declines has a close relation with the Kidney Cysts. It is the kidney cyst enlargement which affects the normal kidney tissues and cause kidney function loss. Thereby, the treatment should also aim at the kidney cyst control.

Good news is that Micro-Chinese Medicine--a new developed Herbal Therapy, is designed for Kidney Disease in particular. It helps shrink the kidney cyst naturally and gradually. This will help control the root cause of PKD and lower down high creatinine level naturally.

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