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Treatment of Hypertension in Adult Polycystic Kidney

Treatment of Hypertension in Adult Polycystic KidneyMost patients with Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease usually find their blood pressure increases abnormally at about age 20-30. For PKD patients, hypertension is one dangerous factor, because it may worsen patients' illness condition or speed up the progression of kidney disease easily.

ADPKD causes kidney cysts to grow gradually. The continuous growth of kidney cysts will oppress some blood vessels within kidneys, declining the blood flow into kidneys. When some receptors within kidneys accept this signal, it will produce more renin, resulting in the increase of angiotensin content and vasoconstriction. Finally, blood pressure in PKD patients' body increases, and most patients with adult polycystic kidneys will have this problem.

Uncontrolled hypertension can cause further kidney damage and worse renal fibrosis. In severe cases, it may even induce enlarged heart or heart failure. Some PKD patients' illness condition progresses quickly, and they suffer from renal insufficiency easily.

How to treat hypertension for patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease? Since hypertension is caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease, the key of treatment should be treating enlarged kidney cyst, reducing the pressure of kidney cysts on renal parenchyma and blocking the progression of renal fibrosis. Only if this, patients can treat their high blood pressure from the root.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can expand renal artery, increase the blood flow into kidneys, provide enough blood and oxygen for kidneys and improve the microcirculation all over the body. These benefits can change the activity of cystic walls and increase the permeability of cystic walls, so as to take away more sac fluid. Additionally, correct medicines can also prevent the relapse of kidney cyst through inhibiting cystic cells to secretion sac fluid.

Once the pressure of kidney cysts on kidney functioning tissues is removed, vascular tension factor will decline and vessel dilator increase. Then, blood pressure can be controlled naturally, and patients don't need to take anti-hypertensive medications any more.

If you want to treat your PKD and hypertension from the root, you can follow doctors' guidance to choose correct Chinese medicines to take.

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