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PKD: 4 cm Kidney Cyst, 29 Years old, Creatinine 1.1

Q: I have PKD. I am 29 years old and male. Recently, I feel severe pain in my back. The last ultrasonic test said cyst size are 4cm by3cm left kidney and 3.2cm by3.8cm in right kidney. And my creatinine level is 1.1. My father also had it and he died because of this. He took dialysis 5 years and then he died. And my elder brother also died of it. I am very worried now. Please give me some advices. Thank you. Andora.

A: You said you have PKD and there are already some family members with this disease.Actually, PKD is an congenital disease. Family member has 50% incidence to be affected.

Your renal cysts is already big, it can stretch nerves around kidneys so when you bend or sit for long, you can feel discomforts in waist area. Another risk is that cysts can rupture when they reached such a big size, which can cause hematuria or peritonitis. Besides, enlarged cysts can press kidneys and make them fail to work gradually, in that case, patients have to take dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain their life. However, these methods can not resolve the problem.

We find that PKD will not endanger patients as long as their enlargement get halted or slowed down. Now Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Immunotherapy, Blood Purification is adopted to treat this disease.

For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine can restrain the hyperplasia of lining cells, increase the permeability of cystic cells and decrease the production of cystic fluid. By this, enlargement of cysts can stop and some can shrink gradually, so renal function can be protected.

Medicated bath is another natural ways to help control the cyst size. It shows a similar effects as Micro-Chinese Medicine does. But it takes effects slowly. And if your blood pressure is at a risky level, you are not suggested to try this remedy.

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