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Creatinine 3.7 And High Blood Pressure in PKD

Creatinine 3.7 And High Blood Pressure in PKDPKD refers to a genetic disorder, which can be passed on from generation to generation. In this text, we will talk about creatinine 3.7 and high blood pressure in detail:

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs of our body. And they are responsible for the removal of metabolic products, toxins, extra fluid, etc. However, in PKD, the fluid-filled sac will grow bigger and bigger with time, eventually, the enlarged cysts will cause damage to surrounding kidney structures. And the occurrence of creatinine 3.7 and high blood pressure is linked with decline in kidney function tightly.

Frankly speaking, creatinine 3.7 is much higher than the normal value(0.5-1.2mg/dL), which suggests moderate decline in GFR. Without effective control, it will continue to increase. When it elevates to 5, dialysis may be used. When high blood pressure is involved, it will be more difficult to reverse this kind of kidney damage.

When reading here, you may have such doubts:” What should I do? Are there any effective treatments for my condition?” Luckily, experts of our center have bring patients with good news.

As a natural remedy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be firstly applied. It is convenient, comfortable and free of side effects. And it has been proven to have great effectiveness in softening the cystic wall, removing cystic fluid, dilating blood vessels, fighting against inflammatory reaction as well as degrading extracellular matrixes. After a period of treatment, creatinine3.7 can be decreased to normal range and hypertension well controlled.

Besides, maintain a healthy diet, take anti-hypertensive drugs, do moderate exercises are also beneficial for patients’ health. Wanna to get an individualized advice? Please email to now! And we will reply you as early as possible.

Creatinine 3.7 and high blood pressure in polycystic kidney disease should be treated early and effectively, if not, the illness condition will continue to deteriorate. For more info, please fill in the form below. Good luck!

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