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How to Deal with Back Pain from Polycystic Kidneys

How to Deal with Back Pain from Polycystic KidneysBack pain, or kidney pain, occurs easily for patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease. In severe cases, back pain may even affect patients’ ability to walk. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with back pain from polycystic kidneys.

Why do PKD patients have back pain?

If you happen to have this problem, you must know Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized by numerous kidney cysts. All of these cysts are located in renal tubules, which is one important part of renal cortex. As time goes on, kidney cysts will become bigger and bigger and compress their surrounding kidney tissues and other organs. Then, back pain occurs easily because of enlarged kidney cysts.

In addition to large kidney cysts, kidney cyst rupture, urinary tract infections and kidney stone are also reasons for back pain for PKD patients.

How to manage back pain from polycystic kidneys?

Here, we have known the causes of back pain for PKD patients. To make sure you can treat it correctly, you should firstly make clear what causes your back pain. This is because different causes need various management. For example, if back pain is due to urinary tract infections, patients had better drink enough water or cranberry juice. Also, they may need to take antibiotics.

After managing the underlying causes, treatments that can shrink kidney cysts and protect kidney functioning tissues should be used. A lot of Chinese medicines have effects of activating blood and expanding blood vessels, so these medicines can improve the reabsorption of blood vessels in cystic walls. Then, a lot of sac fluid can be discharged out of the body via blood circulation. Without enough filling, all kidney cysts can be shrunk gradually.

However, if used incorrectly, these medicines may cause some side effects. From this point, you should send your test report to or tell us the size of your kidney cysts, kidney, creatinine level and other symptoms, so kidney experts here can prescribe you some correct Chinese medicines.

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