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Does Renal Cyst In Kidney Give Dizziness

Does Renal Cyst In Kidney Give Dizziness  Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease, and it will damage patient’s kidney function as it grows bigger and bigger. For patients with kidney cyst, a common condition in their body is dizziness. Nevertheless, does dizziness is caused by kidney cyst?

In fact, kidney cyst can be mainly divided into Simple Kidney Cyst and Polycystic Kidney Cyst. The prognosis of simple kidney cyst is much better, because patient often just has one cyst in his single kidney, and patient’s condition can be well controlled. But PKD is a kidney disease which can not be reversed, and patients will have multiple cysts in his kidneys, which often causes bad prognosis.

In fact, kidney cyst can not cause dizziness directly, but it is really possible for patients with kidney cyst to have dizziness.

Sleeping problem:

A common cause of dizziness is patient’s sleeping problem, and this can appear in both of simple kidney cyst and PKD. As the progression of kidney cyst, they can cause pain in patient’s renal area, which can cause patients to have sleeping problem in the night.

In fact, except for sleeping problem, other factors that can cause sleeping problems often can not appear in patients with kidney cyst, but they are more likely to appear in patients with PKD.

High blood pressure:

Patients with PKD can have obvious hypertension, which can be caused by the excess secretion of renin and low kidney function. Hypertension can reduce the oxygen and nutrients supply to cardiovascular system, and that can cause patients to have dizziness.

Nerve problems:

When patient’s kidney function is damaged severely by PKD, the accumulation of toxins and metabolic wastes can cause patients to have nerve problems, which can cause patients to have symptoms like dizziness, headache, drowsiness, etc.

Thereby, dizziness is more likely to appear in patients with PKD but not simple kidney cyst, and it is a symptom can be caused by many factors. To relieve this condition, patients should make sure the cause of his problem, and then corresponding measures can be taken.

In the end, if you have any other problem in dealing with kidney disease, you can leave us a message, and we will do what we can to help you.

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