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Is Fatigue A Symptom Of PKD

Is Fatigue A Symptom Of PKDPatient with PKD can have many obvious symptoms, and fatigue is also very common. While, is this a symptom of PKD?

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a progressive kidney disease, and the cysts in patient’s kidneys will grow big gradually. As we know, kidney is an important organ for our body, so it is normal that kidney damage caused by kidney cysts will lead to many complications in patient’s body.

In fact, fatigue is also a symptom that is caused by PKD.

Why patient with PKD has fatigue?

The major cause that makes patients with PKD feel fatigue is anemia. As we know, kidney is an important organ for keeping our internal balance, while except for producing urine, another important function of kidney is to excrete hormones, among which hemopoietin plays an important role in producing red cells.

So when kidney cysts damage patient’s kidney structure, the excretion of hemopoietin will also be reduced, and there will be the shortage of red cells in patient’s blood. Because red cells can transport oxygen for our body’s metabolism, our body will also have the shortage of energy supply when patient’s kidney function is damaged, and that will cause patient to feel fatigue.

How can fatigue be treated?

Fatigue in patient with PKD is also known as renal anemia, and treatment should be taken accordingly.

In fact, there are many medicines that are effective in treating renal anemia, like androgen, rHuEpo, cobalt chloride, etc. Besides, if patient’s renal anemia has relation with the shortage of nutrients in patient’s body, patient can also supply the nutrients like folic acid, chalybeate, etc.

The root cause of fatigue in PKD patients is the damage caused by their kidney cysts, so to treat solve this problem fundamentally, patient should shrink their enlarged kidney by shrinking the cysts in their kidneys. As a matter of fact, Chinese medicine is good at this aspect, because some therapies, like Hot Compress Therapy, and Chinese medicines have the effect of increasing the permeability of cyst wall, and the cyst fluid can be absorbed by the blood vessel in cyst wall gradually at the effect of pressure difference. What’s more, the shrunk cysts by Chinese medicine will not relapse.

In the end, if you need any help in dealing with PKD, you can just leave us a message, and we can provide the guidance you need.

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