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Why Patients With PKD Have Frequent Urination

Why Patients With PKD Have Frequent UrinationPolycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a progressive kidney disease, and the cysts in patient’s kidneys can damage patient’s kidney function as they grow bigger and bigger. Thereby, PKD patient can have many symptoms, among which a common symptom is frequent urination.

Why patients with PKD have frequent urination?

In the process of kidney cysts growing, kidney cysts can oppress patient’s kidney structure, and they will damage patient’s kidney function.

Our kidney contains about one million nephrons, and it consists of kidney tubule and glomerulus. When kidney cysts destroy kidney structure, they will also damage kidney tubules. While kidney tubule has the function of reabsorbing the fluid and filtered nutrients back to blood vessel, and in fact, almost 99% fluid flows through glomeruli will be reabsorbed back to blood by kidney tubule. So, when kidney cysts damage patient’s kidney tubules, there will be lots of fluid leaking out through patient’s urine, and that is why patient with PKD often has frequent urination.

What’s more, because our daily activity will need lots of water, and much fluid will be excreted out through sweating in daytime, so frequent urination will be more obvious at night.

How to treat frequent urination?

The root cause of frequent urination is the grown cysts and kidney damage. To treat this problem, what can be done is to repair patient’s kidney damage and shrink patient’s kidney cysts.

In fact, Chinese medicine is a good choice to reach that goal. Many Chinese medicines have been proven to be effective in shrinking patient’s kidney cysts. Besides, by using hot compress therapy, the effective ingredients can be transported into the diseased area directly, and this therapy can also provide great help in repairing patient’s kidney damage.

Besides, Chinese medicine is also well known for its function in promoting patient’s self-repairing ability by regulating patient’s overall health, which make it a perfect choice to treat frequent urination.

In the end, if you have any trouble in dealing with PKD, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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