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How Does Cyst Pain Feel Like In Patient With PKD

How Does Cyst Pain Feel Like In Patient With PKDPolycystic kidney disease (PKD) can cause patient to have many symptoms, among which pain in patient’s kidney is a problem that disturbs all patients.

Why patient always feel painful in the area around his kidneys?

Patient with PKD can have lots of cysts in his kidneys. These cysts have different sizes, and they can grow gradually. As the cysts grow bigger and bigger, they will oppress patient’s kidney. In fact, the cysts in patient’s kidneys can grow to the size that can fill patient’s enterocoelia.

Besides, patient with PKD often has many complications, like urinary infection, kidney stone, etc. While both urinary infection and kidney stone can cause and increase patient’s pain in renal region.

How does PKD patient’s pain feel like?

In the early stage of PKD, his kidney cysts are small, and that can cannot cause pain. But when patient is in stage 3, he will have pain in his kidneys, and pain will become more obvious as patient’s condition progresses.

Cyst in patient kidney can cause oppressing sensation in patient’s renal region, and it can also cause dull pain, or sharp pain sometimes. Patient’s pain can be aggravated if patient have activity, long time’s walk or sitting. Besides, if patient’s cysts have rupture, or if patient have urinary infection, patient will have sudden sharp pain.

Can pain in PKD patient be relieved?

All patients with PKD will have kidney pain, and that can damage patient’s life quality greatly.

To relieve pain feeling, patient can take pain medicines, acupuncture, message, etc, but these methods may have effect just for a while. Surgery is also an effective method to relieve patient’s kidney pain, but that may just last several months. In fact, patient with PKD will need to have kidney transplant in the end, and that may be the most effective way to remove his kidney pain.

In the end, if you need any help in this aspect, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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