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PKD And Anemia

PKD And AnemiaAnemia is a common symptom in PKD patients, while it can also aggravate patients’ condition and cause many symptoms to patients. It is better for patients to have a better understanding about this aspect, which is helpful for them to deal with their condition.

What symptom can PKD patients have if they have anemia?

Anemia can take many bad effects to patients. For example, the most common symptom in patients with kidney disease is fatigue, which make patients get tired easily. Anemia can also cause some common symptoms like dizziness, tinnitus, pale face and having problem in concentration, etc. Besides, anemia can cause the shortage of oxygen supply, if patients have anemia for a long time, that may also cause heart problems to them.

Why patients with PKD have anemia?

Kidney has the function of excreting hemopoietin, which can promote the formation of red cells. While if patients with PKD have severe kidney damage, this function will also be damaged, and that is easy to cause the shortage of red cells. On the other hand, as PKD patients’ kidneys are damaged, lots of wastes and toxins will accumulate in patients’ blood. While some toxins can inhibit marrow’s ability of producing blood, and the toxins may also shorten the lifetime of red cells, so these factors may also cause patients to have anemia.

What can PKD patients do to relieve this symptom?

In the treatment, some ingredients which are used in making blood may be needed, such as iron supplements, folic acid and vitamin B, etc. Besides, hemopoietin can also be injected directly, and if patients have very severe anemia, they may need to accept transfusion, but this method can take many side effects to patients.

As we know, the root of anemia in PKD patients is their kidney damage, so the most effective method is to improve patents’ kidney function. In fact, PKD is a disease which is hard to treat, so except for the surgery, micro chinese medicine osmotherapy is recommended, because this therapy is good at improving the internal circulation in patient’s kidneys, which is very helpful in improving patients’ kidney condition.

Besides, patients’ diet is important for their health, so patients should have foods which are beneficial to to their health. And patients should consult their doctor’s advice in making their diet plan.

Besides, patients’ life habits can influence their health obviously, so patients should make themselves have good life habits.

Besides, if you have any question about this aspect, you can also consult our online experts, and we must give you detailed answer in time.

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