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What Food and Drink Should Be Avoided for PKD

What Food and Drink Should Be Avoided for PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease can cause damage to inherent kidney functioning tissues gradually. To slow down the progression of PKD, patients should make clear what food and drink should be avoided. If you just have this genetic kidney disease, the following content is helpful for you.

- High-salt foods

When kidneys are damaged by enlarged kidney cysts, they are unable to determine how much fluid and sodium to retain in the body. Then, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients may have high blood pressure as well as swelling. To reduce the burden on kidneys, patients should stay away from high salty foods such as processed foods, canned foods, bacon,salty condiment, and so on.

- Animal protein

Extra protein intake will produce more waste products during metabolism, and it is reported that animal protein may speed up the growth of kidney cysts and the progression of kidney disease. From this point, PKD patients had better limit their meat intake.

- Spicy foods

Mustard, chilli, raw garlic, and so on, belong to spicy foods. These foods may worsen PKD patients’ health condition, so they are suggested to pay highly attention to the intake of these foods.

- Alcohol

Although no exact research has proven the side effect of alcohol on Polycystic Kidney Disease, drinking excessive amount of alcohol does cause some adverse reactions even for healthy people. Then, it is good for PKD patients to avoid alcohol.

- Caffeine-containing foods and drinks

Chocolate, coffee, coco cola, etc, are common foods and drinks rich in caffeine. Why do patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease should limit the intake of these caffeine-containing foods and drinks? The reason is that these foods and drinks can prompt the growth of renal cysts.

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