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Is Spinach OK to Eat with Polycystic Kidney Disease

Is Spinach OK to Eat with Polycystic Kidney DiseaseIt is understandable that Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) patients always consult: What foods can I eat, what foods should I avoid, can I eat spinach? Because they are always required to follow a scientific diet plan, they should make sure whether they can eat certain food before eating.

All the stereotypes about spinach being good for healthy people are true, because this vegetable is one nutritious food choice. However, for PKD patients, spinach is not necessary for two reasons.

1. PKD patients are at a high risk of oxalic acid deposits

If one person is diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, oxalic acid must be something that he or she want to steer clear of. Otherwise, extra oxalic acid will build up in the body, easily resulting in kidney stones and stimulating the growth of kidney cysts. Spinach just contains high amount of this substance.

2. With the decline of kidney function, patients may have high serum potassium level

Generally speaking, if patients have normal kidney function, their serum potassium levels will stay between 3.5 and 5.0 mEq/L. When kidneys are impaired by enlarged kidney cysts and potassium level is higher than the normal, patients will be at a risk of heart attack or irregular heartbeat. One cup serving of cooked spinach contains more than 800 mg of potassium that is incompatible with a low-potassium meal plan.

From this perspective, PKD patients should eat spinach prudently. Polycystic Kidney Disease needs ongoing treatments to fight against. To help patients develop their diet plan better, we give out some dietary suggestions. (If you want to learn more about them, you can consult the dietitian online directly. )

- Develop a low-protein and low-sodium diet

- Give soy a try

- Add fax oil or olive oil into your meals

- Stay away from foods high in oxalic acid

- Avoid alcohol and beer

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