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Best Eating Plan for PKD

Best Eating Plan for PKDPeople with kidney disease including PKD are mostly recommended to follow a scientific diet to delay it’s progression. However, what is the best eating plan for those patients?

Frankly speaking, we need to figure out the meaning of a best eating plan. As the condition varies from individuals to individuals, we can’t say which eating plan is the best. In my humble opinion, I think the best eating plan should be in accordance with patients’ specific condition. If your eager to get a personalized eating advice, please email us the diagnostic report now! Then, our experts will give a satisfactory reply.

Even so, the following dietary advices are still helpful.

1. Quit drinking PKD patients should stay away from liquor, especially wine. As liquor can stimulate the growth of cysts and aggravate renal damage.

2. Low protein diet High protein diet can lead to synthesis of nitrogen metabolites and increase the burden of kidneys. So, bean products should be restricted strictly. However, some high quality protein foods can be beneficial, such as lean meat, egg white, fish and so on.

3. Eat less salt For people with this genetic disorder, they can be afflicted by swelling and high blood pressurem easily. In this case, they should eat less salt.

4. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables These foods are usually loaded with high levels of vitamin. However, it is still necessary to consult with the doctors, as some of the foods are high in potassium or phosphorus.

5. Stay away from animal giblets Various toxins can deposit in the internal organs of the body, so they should keep away from animal giblets. Meanwhile, they also need to eat less coffee and chocolate.

If there is still anything unclear about best eating plan for PKD or the above contents, do inform us immediately!

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