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What Should Patient With Stage 3 PKD Eat

What Should Patient With Stage 3 PKD Eat Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic kidney disease, and patient’s kidneys will be enlarged gradually, which will damage patient’s kidney function in this process. In fact, PKD is a major reason that can cause patient to have kidney failure.

As we know, diet plays an important role in regulating our body health, so it is for patients with PKD. So, for patients who are in stage 3, what should they eat?

Stage 3 means patient’s kidney function is damaged moderately, and patient’s diet should be made based on their condition.

1. Appropriate protein:

Protein is important for our body health, but it can not be taken blindly, because it can produce lots of metabolic wastes which should be filtrated out by kidney. Much protein intake will increase our kidneys’ workload, which can aggravate patient’s kidney damage.

The recommended protein intake for healthy people is 0.8g/kg per day, and patient with PKD should regulate their protein intake based on this value.

2. Low sodium and high potassium:

Patient with PKD can have hypertension in the early stage, and high sodium in body is a factor that can cause and aggravate this problem. Thereby, it is necessary for patient with PKD to have low sodium intake in his diet.

While potassium can inhibit the function of sodium to our body, which can help prevent the appearance of high blood pressure. And patients in stage usually do not have the metabolic disorder of potassium, so increasing potassium intake appropriately will be very helpful.

3. Rich vitamin:

Vitamins are very important for our body health, and patient should guarantee he has rich vitamin intake in his diet. In fact, patient can get enough vitamin intake from the common fruits and vegetables.

4. Moderate calory:

Patient should increase his calory intake moderately, because calory can guarantee patient’s body activity need, and it can also reduce the decomposition of protein in patient’s body.

5. Calcium and phosphorus:

The metabolic disorder of calcium and phosphorus can cause patient to have many severe problems, like itching, renal osteopathy. Especially renal osteopathy, which is a very severe complication, but it often appears in the late stage of PKD. To relieve itching or to prevent renal osteopathy, it is better for patient to increase his calcium intake and decrease his phosphorus intake appropriately.

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