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Top 4 Risks Require PKD Awareness Improvement

Polycystic Kidney Disease is known as genetic kidney damage, which progresses slowly in most cases. However, you need improve PKD awareness, if you have PKD family history, for it is more than a simple kidney damages, but a life threatening disease affecting more than 15 million people all over the world and the number is still raising as time goes.

Top 1 Die Waiting

In USA, 12 people a day die waiting, on Dialysis for an Kidney from PKD. It is about 84 people will disappear per week from the waiting list in this country.

Worse news is that more people diet from PKD when they are waiting for the Kidney Transplant than last year.

Top 2 Morbidity

Polycystic Kidney Disease effects 1 in 500. Since like previously mentioned that the real scope of this disease is not understood with is a good chance that a 33% disparity could be real.

In other words, there will be someone affected with PKD in 333 people. According to the new research, the number is increases. In details, the morbidity is increasing in a high speed. Once PKD, is in your family, It plans on staying for years!

Top 3 Increase Affected Rate

A new diagnosed case of PKD is found every 66.6minutes in America. The same DNA is affected/effected. For anyone who have PKD family history is suggested to monitor their kidney conditions at a regular basis.

Top 4 Large group of Affected People

More than 15 million people are affected with Polycystic Kidney Disease throughout the word and this life threatening disease affecting more than 800,000 Americans according to the new research.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is not a simple disease which affects systemic organs and system of the body. Without a good control, it can lead to Kidney Failure, liver failure and heart attack. The complications are more life-threatening than itself. Thereby, please improve your PKD awareness and love the patients around you!

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