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The Average PKD Life Expectancy after Kidney Transplant

The Average PKD Life Expectancy after Kidney TransplantPolycystic Kidney Disease is one progressive kidney disorder, and about 50% of patients finally have kidney failure at age 60. Then, most of them will choose kidney transplant and wonder the average PKD life expectancy after transplant. Do you know the answer?

Kidney Transplant for PKD Patients

As we know, kidney transplant is one cost-effective treatment, because one successful kidney transplant can make patients live a less restricted life and get rid of dialysis, also called artificial kidney. But, even though modern medicine has developed a lot, the success rate of kidney transplant hasn’t reached 100%. That is to say, kidney transplant surgery in some cases fails, because of rejection reaction or other problems. Then, patients have to begin dialysis or accept other kidney replacement therapies again.

The average life span after kidney transplant for PKD patients

The outcome of kidney transplant is usually reflected by one, three, five or ten years. When we say kidneys are still alive, we mean kidneys have certain function. After kidney transplant, patients may have infections or other side effects easily due to the use of anti-rejection medications. With the development of modern medicine, the success rate of kidney transplant has achieved a great improvement.

Now, we will talk about lifespan for PKD patients post kidney transplant, which refers to the life expectancy of kidneys. General speaking, the success rate of transplanted kidney in 1 year, 5 year, and ten years are respectively more than 90%, 90% and above 60%. As for PKD patients’ life span, it is much longer than that of transplanted kidneys.

Will Polycystic Kidney Disease recur after kidney transplant?

Most often, the transplanted kidney won’t have PKD again unless the donor also has this disease. That is to say, if Polycystic Kidney Disease has aggravated into kidney failure, kidney transplant is worth a try.

However, if patients are too old or they still have chance to avoid this cost treatment, they can try some natural remedies to shrink their kidney cysts and improve their kidney function. If you have a similar experience and haven’t found an effective treatment, you can ask help online.

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