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Is Polycystic Kidney Disease Life-Threatening

PKD,life-theatening,herbsIs polycystic kidney disease life-threatening? I am afraid I have to say “yes”. However, it is not now. Polycystic kidney disease will become a life-threatening disease when it develops into advanced stage, such as Kidney Failure or ESRD (End Stage Kidney Disease). In addition, when some severe complications, such as heart failure, liver polycystic disease, malignant hypertension and cyst rupture, attack the PKD patients, the condition will also be life-threatening.

Thereby, the treatment to PKD should aim at delay the development of kidney damages and its complications. What causes the PKD progression and severe complications? Cyst Formation and Enlargement. Now, if you ask: is polycystic kidney disease life-threatening or not? I will tell you: it depends on your cyst formation and enlargement.

How to control cyst formation and enlargement?

Currently, there are mainly two general principles--Surgery and Herbs.

Surgery helps remove the largest cysts which can cause serious symptoms and complications. However, it only remove a few of largest cysts for the small cysts it takes no effects. And as in practical cases, the cysts always are numerous, it is not realistic to eliminate all cysts in your kidneys.

To solve this problem, Chinese Medicine may show a promising future. Some herbs are find to be able to limit the growth and development of epithelial cells in the cyst. Epithelial cells are the original cyst former, because they produce cyst fluids and enlarge the cyst. Herbal Treatment helps control epithelial in the cyst, thus it can shrink cyst naturally day by day. When kidney cysts are smaller and smaller, the symptoms and complications, as well as kidney damage will disappear spontaneously.

Usually, the herbal formula varies from person to person. The herbalist needs to make an accurate estimation on your medical conditions, before the personalized herbal formula is prescript. As Chinese Herbal Medicine is a holistic treatment, patients usually get additional effects, along with the kidney cyst shrinkage.

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