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How Many Years Person Can Be Alive with Polycystic Kidney Disease

How Many Years Person Can Be Alive with Polycystic Kidney DiseaseHow many years person can be alive with Polycystic Kidney Disease? Since PKD may cause some life-threatening complications, nearly all PKD patients must be concerned about their lifespan. If you happen to have a similar question, you can find the answer here.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized by numerous fluid-filled cysts growing in both kidneys, or rarely one kidney. Generally, patients don’t have any risk in the early stage, so they can enjoy their life without any symptom. However, with the growth of PKD kidney cysts, they will cause damage to surrounding kidney tissues and cells. Then, the following conditions may affect patients’ life expectancy.

- Kidney infection caused by cyst rupture

- Kidney failure

- Cardiovascular disease

- Refractory hypertension

Here, we can know all of the above complications are due to continuous cyst enlargement. Some PKD patients only live to 30-40 years old, because of severe complications, while some other PKD patients live as long as general population.

Why their life expectancy is so different? The answer is that their lifestyle, diet plan and treatment options change from case to case. Therefore, if you want to live as long as possible, you need to abide by the following requirements.

1. Arrange a healthy diet plan and lifestyle with doctors’ guidance

Since PKD patients’ illness condition progresses gradually, patients should modify their diet and lifestyle accordingly. For example, PKD patients should always limit the sodium and protein intake, avoid alcohol, and stay away from oxalate-containing foods.

2. Keep kidney condition from worsening

Hypertension, kidney infection and cyst rupture all can worsen patients’ illness condition largely. Therefore, if you have one or more symptoms, control them timely with effective treatments or medications. According to your problems, you can consult the doctor online for prescribing some medicines.

3. Shrink kidney cysts and protect remaining kidney function actively

Traditional Chinese medicine, Hot Compress Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, surgery, are also helpful in clinic to shrink or remove kidney cysts. Choose one best treatment for yourself. Therefore, you can live longer with PKD.

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