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Peder Archer, Renal Cyst, Sweden

renal cystNAME: Peder Archer


AGE: 53 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Renal Cyst, Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension


Mr. Archer lives with Renal Cyst for years, “I didn’t care about the cyst. It stayed inside my body and didn’t bring me any discomfort.” Things changed one year ago in October 2011, “my abdomen hurt and I had to go to hospital. They diagnosed me with Renal Cyst and I received surgery of renal cyst decortications.”

Peder thought it was the end, “it is far from an end. The cyst began to grow shortly after the surgery, and became larger even than before. So I had to do the surgery again.” Removing the cyst by performing surgery can’t solve the problem completely. Peder finally got that, and then he decided to go China. “I want to solve the problem one for all.” said Peder.


TREATMENT:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/ time; Western medicines


Doctors here provided the patient two treatment plans. Mr. Archer chose the plan B after the doctor had a thorough communication with him. “I chose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy finally.” Peder began, “I couldn’t stand the weird Chinese medicine odor in the beginning, but I felt fine after a period of time. I had to say, herbal medicine is pretty powerful.”

The improvements began to be seen throughout the course of treatments. His pale face was gone, so did his cold feet and hands. From the lab reports, the Scr decreased too, his urine output increased which was absolutely a good sign. “My doctor told me all those improvements signal me my kidney function has boosted. The treatment works!”

Additionally, Mr. Archer’s mental condition got much better, and finally shook off the sullen and depressed mood. He took part in Dennis Piest’s 33-year-old birthday party in the hospital and had fun! What a sweet man! We all loved him!

  Blood in Urine BUN Scr
Before Treatment(June8, 2012) 3+ 20.75 4.1
After(June 21, 2012) 2+ 18.64 3.81
After(July1, 2012) + 16.2 3.2
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